80/20 Rule – Don’t Stop Creating Content!

80/20 Rule by Vilfredo Pareto or also known as the Pareto Rule.
Simply put, 20% of your efforts produce 80% of the results.

How can I use the 80/20 Rule to help me succeed?

In order to answer this question I need define a few things.

Goals – First I need to define my goal.

My goal is to create a successful YouTube channel and Blog.

Options – What are the options I can take in order to achieve my goal?

Create content (videos/articles).

Advertise my content.

Work on optimizing SEO.

What is the best option or combination of options that I should take to achieve my goal?

Without having a successful YouTube Channel or Website, I don’t have the experience to know, what works and what doesn’t. In an arena that I’m not use to, I typically implement a “stab in the dark” method. I would just try whatever I thought would work. Its not the best method but its the only method I knew, until I had a better understanding of the 80/20 rule.


What I know – 20% of my content will account for 80% of my traffic.

What I don’t know – What content falls into the top 20%

The more content I create, the better I can identify which content is the most valuable (top 20%).

The faster I create the content, the faster I can identify which content is the most valuable. Have a minimum quality standard on content, I don’t want to be know for creating garbage.

Once the most valuable content has been identified, determine what is common among them and create more content based on that info.

The 80/20 rule has no upper limit, meaning it dos not stop being true the more you create.

Conclusion: DON’T STOP CREATING!!!

Here is my strategy on how to use this rule for YouTube/Blogging.

1) Pump out a lot of content
2) Have a minimum quality standard
3) Mix Minimum quality and High quality content
4) Stay away from 80% bad content
5) Gravitate towards 20% good content


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