Cheapest Way to Ship a Package – In 3 Easy Steps

I have shipped thousands of packages over the years on many different platforms and I have condensed my knowledge down to 3 easy steps which I call The Max Cost Shipping Method.

USPS is the cheapest way to ship a package in the United States (for smallish items). This guide will not cover ALL shipping methods that USPS has to offer, just the ones that cover most of my shipping needs.

Flat Rate Boxes - Cheapest Way to Ship a Package
Flat Rate Boxes – Cheapest Way to Ship a Package

1. Media Mail – Max $14.00

Price Range – A 3 lbs book would cost me $4.00 to ship across the United States. The price range for 1 oz to 70 lbs is $3 to $35 respectively. If the price of your package goes over $14, scroll down to the Priority Mail Flat Rate shipping methods.

Maximum Weight is 70 lbs.

Delivery Time 2 to 8 business days.

Tracking is included.

Insurance is not included.

Shipping Supplies: Use your own packaging.

Eligible Items include but are not limited to:





Ineligible Items include but are not limited to:

Video Games including disc based games.

Computer Drives.

Digital Drives.

Media Mail is the cheapest way to ship a package but only a handful of items qualify to be shipped in this service. Don’t be tempted to ship non media items with this service. When shipping via Media Mail, you agree to allow USPS to open your box and inspect the items inside. If they find that the item you are shipping does NOT qualify for Media Mail, they will stop your package and your client will NOT receive it.

2. First Class Mail – Max $6.00

Price Range – An 8 oz toy would cost me $3.64 to ship across the United States. The price range for 1 oz to 16 ozĀ  is $3 to $6 respectively.

Maximum Weight is 16 oz (16 oz = 1 pound). If the weight of your package goes over 16 oz, use one of the next shipping methods.

Delivery Time 1 to 3 business days.

Tracking is included.

Insurance is not included but can be purchased.

Shipping Supplies: Use your own packaging.

3. Priority Mail Flat Rate – Max $19.00

Price Range – $7, $14 and $19 depending on the size of the item you are shipping. Flat Rate means that the shipping cost is the same to ship anywhere in the US. Shipping a 2 lbs laptop would cost the same if I were to ship it across the United States as to someone down the block.

Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope – $7.00

Envelope Size – 9.5 x 12.5 inches

Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box – $14.00

Box 1 Size – 11 x 8.5 x 5.5

Box 2 Size – 11.88 x 3.38 x 13.63

Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box – $19.00

Box 1 Size – 12 x 12 x 5.5

Board Game Box Size – 23..69 x 11.75 x 3

Maximum Weight is 70 lbs.

Delivery Time 1 to 3 business days.

Tracking is included.

Includes $50 of insurance. You can also purchase more.

Shipping Supplies: USPS provides Priority Shipping Material for free.

Shipping prices increase every year, so the above prices will be out of date soon but the order of the shipping service will stay the same. So The cheapest way to ship a package will always be Media Mail then First Class Mail then Priority Mail.

Knowing the Max price for shipping is very important especial when having to estimate shipping cost. When I go on buying trips, I don’t have the luxury of bringing a scale with me to weigh goods. I guess the weight of the item and that tells me which shipping method I will be using to mail it. I then use the Max cost of that shipping method to determine if that product will be profitable, eg: Price of item for Sale on my platform $15 – Item cost $2 – Max Shipping Cost $6 = $7.00. I would profit at least $7 and if the item weighs less then what I estimated, my profit would go up.

It also helps me when listing my items for sale. Everyone of my items has free shipping. In order to know how much to price my item for, I have to roughly know what the shipping costs are so that I don’t price them so low that I would lose money. Memorizing the above shipping categorizes was easy and essential for me early on in my selling career.

If your going to be shipping a lot of packages over time, make sure you get shipping discounts. At the end of the year when I do my taxes, I go over all my fees and Shipping is the BIGGEST by far! Anything you can do to reduce those costs are mandatory in order to stay in businesses and stay competitive. There are online shipping services where you can buy shipping at discount rates. Companies like have special agreements with USPS, FedEx and UPS where you can get up to 20% off shipping costs.

If your interested in How to Sell iPhones Cases check out my article. I also talk about how to dropship products.


How to Sell iPhone Cases

1. How to Sell iPhone Cases

How to Sell iPhone Cases? The first step of choosing what to sell is always, “Is it in DEMAND“!?! Since the beginning, cell phones have always gotten dropped, dinged and dunked. Just about everyone I known that owns a cell phone also owns a phone case. So yes, iphone cases ARE in demand. What I’m going to do in this article is show you how to choose the BEST iphone cases to sell and how to sell them.

2. Where to Find iPhone Cases has one of the largest selections of iPhone accessories on the internet! Its also the largest dropshipping site that there is. The have manufactures from all over the world, list the goods they have for sale. Buying direct from the manufacture will allow you to get the biggest possible saves you can. In the online market, you need to make every cent count in order to compete and stay open for business.

AliExpress - How to Sell iPhone Cases
AliExpress – How to Sell iPhone Cases

3. Only Sell High Demand iPhone Cases

You don’t just want to sell any iPhone case, you want to sell the ones that are in the highest in DEMAND. There is no reason to sell items that take years to sell. Lucky for us AliExpress allows for us to sort their products by “Order”, meaning we can see which items have the highest number of sales. The higher the order number, the more they have sold, the more in demand that item is. There are many of these little market indicators scattered all through out the internet, you just have to know where to look. I will be going over a few of those indicators in this article.

For the purposed of this article I chose the first iphone cases that showed up, e.g. “Sexy Retro Floral Phone Case For Apple iPhone 7 6 6s 5 5s SE Plus Lace Flower Hard PC+TPU Cases Back Cover Capa For iPhone7Plus”. The order quantity for this listing is 47,024!

iPhone Case - How to Sell iPhone Cases
iPhone Case – How to Sell iPhone Cases

4. How to Find Off Site Demand Indicators

One of the ways I check to see if an item is worth selling is to check for off site demand indicators like eBay or Amazon. If I can see that these iPhone cases are actually being sold, then I know that I can sell them too.

eBay Price - How to Sell iPhone Cases
eBay Price – How to Sell iPhone Cases

As you can see they DO sell on eBay. The prices are low but they are selling. I believe that the prices are low because no one can compete with this seller from China. I also believe that these same cases are being sold on eBay at a higher price under a different name. By listing these products under a different name, the seller doesn’t have to compete with the seller from China. This is an insider secret tip on how to sell iphone cases, make sure you NEVER use the stock name of the product. The big take away from this is that people ARE buying this case.

Amazon Price - How to Sell iPhone Cases
Amazon Price – How to Sell iPhone Cases

You can also see that these cases are listed on Amazon. These listings are new so we don’t know if they are selling yet. The seller posted them at a price I think is reasonable and still be enough to make money.

For those of you planning on selling these iPhone cases on eBay or Amazon, please make sure you physically have the products in hand. You do NOT want to dropship when selling on eBay or Amazon. It may take longer then the period of time eBay or Amazon allows, for you customer to receive their goods. This would result in you getting restricted or out right banned from the platform. If you plan on dropshipping, make sure that you have your own store where you get to make the rules.

5. Price Points

When selling fast moving products, smaller margins are perfectly acceptable. Lets say you price you iPhone Case at $9.99 and the case cost you $1.60 and you are dropshipping it for free: your profit will be ($9.99 – $1.60) = $8.39. Now lets say you sell 10 a day, ($8.39 * 10) = $83.90!! Thats $84 a DAY for 1 product!!! Even if you priced your cases lower, the volume of sales would still make the small margins acceptable. FYI, you’re not going to be selling just 1 item, you’re going to have a few to hundreds of items for sell!

6. Where to Sell iPhone Cases

You can sell these cases anywhere: CraigsList, eBay, Amazon, OfferUp or even at the Swap Meet. The easiest and best way how to sell iphone cases is to sell them in your own online store. In your own store, you can set the rules as you see fit. You can name the price, determine the shipping speed and most importantly implement a really easy dropshipping plan.

If you want to start your very own turn key store, check out my video tutorial.